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When your response or recovery efforts need immediate shelter that is ready the moment you need it, the RESPONSEPOD is the answer. With its 1 person 2-minute setup (and strike) you will have your operation up and running faster than ever before. The RESPONSEPOD line is intended to scale from a type 3 single shelter resource to a type 2-1 responder base camp or command and control cluster with multiple shelter / work sites.

The RESPONSEPOD line has been specifically designed as a modular hub base shelter unit that is as scalable as the Incident Command System (ICS) itself. Whether your operation requires a field expedient and tough responder rehab shelter or a multi cluster responder base camp the RESPONSEPOD has your six!

Use a single RESPONSEPOD as a stand-alone unit or expand your footprint to adapt to the situation by using the RESPONSEHUB to build out a multi-unit complex structure to support different functional area needs.

With its unique design the RESPONSEPOD can be built out to be a self-contained structure or can serve as the main connecting hub for other PODs to form an inter-connected cluster complex comprised of multiple RESPONSEPOD or COMMANDPOD units. When set up as a cluster complex, the connector tunnels will ensure that your responders and survivors alike can remain protected from the elements while navigating through the shelter system itself.

The RESPONSEPOD’s robust design is ready to withstand the harsh environments and conditions that you operate in! Utilizing a PATENT-PENDING 5-layer composite fabric technology to reflect 98% of UVA and UVB light (heat) from sun and retain the warmth on cool nights. The RESPONSEPODs advanced fabric technology coupled with its durable locking frame design will ensure that you can stay mission focused even in the harshest environments. Dual entry ways, multiple windows and ports for electrical wiring, power cables, and heating and cooling systems allow you to build out the RESPONSEPOD to meet your unique operational needs quickly and easily.

Contact us to learn more about our loan lease program designed specifically for agencies / municipalities or use our online cluster builder to design a configuration tailored to meet your operational needs.

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