Welcome: SHIFTPOD, The best portable shelter on this planet!  Voted the number one best innovation for Black Rock Desert camping!  We are proud to announce we have been awarded several design and materials patents for our award winning products!  We have developed and new line of SHIFTPODS for 2017 that bring more headroom, black out flies, door screens, military grade Kevlar stitching, and our new double sealed seam system for the best weather protection available.  Now deployed all over the world, the SHIFTPOD has proven itself as a light weight, heavy duty, reliable shelter in the worst conditions imaginable.  From disaster shelters to festival living, SHIFTPOD has you covered!

If you need a large format, all weather shelter that can be set up by one person in under one minute, order a SHIFTPOD right now!

Join our outreach! For every 20 SHIFTPODS sold we donate one to a family in need.  From the beginning, SHIFTPOD had donated SHIFTPODS and SHELTERPODS to families in need!  SHIFTPODS have also been deployed to help in disaster zones in Haiti, Nepal, Japan, Greece and in California. 

Most recently, we have partnered with a Canadian based company to donate 200 units to groups that support homeless and displaced families to gift and distribute SHIFTPODs across the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands all the way to Midway.  Distribution has begun as of February 2017.

About Us

The SHIFTPOD, was born out of a need for a luxurious all weather shelter, that would reflect the heat of the sun, protect from high wind and fine dust and also keep you warm in the cold nights in the desert. With 24 years of extreme desert camping experience we had tried almost every type of shelter and tent. Every year we suffered extreme weather often waking up covered in layers of dust and even rain and mud! We searched for new solutions and in the end we designed and built our own. After many weeks of burning midnight oil, and hundreds of sketches we built our first prototype. We really expected to build the SHIFTPOD for our friends and ourselves so we selected the best materials, overlooket the costs. We thought we would build a few and really had no idea that it would grow into a business. We send out photos of the prototype to our friends to see who was in, and someone leaked the images online. Before we could say no we had orders for 300! With a deadline looming we went to work and 8 months from the first sketches we delivered 300 units as a proof of concept. They were all used in the Black Rock Desert at a time when the weather channels were reporting 30-50 MPH sustained winds with guest to 90MPH! The SHIFTPODS stood firm and shed the wind like it was nothing while other tents blew over and literally blew away. With zero catastrophic failures we decided to keep improving and build SHIFTPOD into a business. In December 2015 we incorporated as Advanced Shelter Systems, Inc. (ASSI) and we now offer several models including the SHIFTPOD 2.0, the SHELTERPOD SYSTEM, the GROWPOD greenhouse and the RESPONSEPOD and RESPONSEPOD COMMANDER.

Our goal is to build shelters from best-in-class materials, for us by us, and then to share these shelters and products with the world and those in need.

On the best day, or the worst day of your life,
you can depend on ASSI products.

What's New?

The SHIFTPOD 2.0 is coming! What’s New?

  • We've added Tunnel Connectors! Now you can connect two SHIFTPODS together or connect five to a hub unit. Need a 6-SHIFTPOD House? Now you can make it happen!
  • Increased Headroom!  We've added 2” and it makes a huge difference! 
  • Better Seals – new seam and fabric sealant to improve weather resistance – sealed inside and out for the best results!
  • New military grade Kevlar thread for all seams offers long lasting connections
  • Increased strength at key structural points with heavier weight fabrics
  • Added multi pocket wall organizers to keep you buttoned up!
  • New Zippers - Upgraded large tooth Ykk Vislon Zippers – these handle dust and ditter much better and can be repaired in the field
  • Fine mesh bug screens on windows 
  • Fine mesh bug screens on doors
  • Central Roof Pole for extreme weather conditions and snow
  • Solar Black Out/Rain Fly for more protection overall
  • Rubber Hub Covers – to protect hubs and floors
  • Team Carry Handles added to the storage bag for easier transport 
  • Same great stainless steel stakes & tie down system with over 900 pounds of combined down force to hold fast in high winds

Info & Warranty

New and Improved Customer Service and Click to Chat!
Our absolute failure for 2016 was customer service.  We grew too fast to keep up and it got away from us. To those affected we apologize.  We have now hired a team in the USA to help us, help you with any issues you might have.  If you have a question or problem with your order, give us a call or click to chat with an operator right now! If they don’t have the answer they will get it and get back to you quickly.  Please note: The only thing they can’t help with is SHIFTPODs that are set up inside out.  To avoid this issue simply set the SHIFTPOD up skinny end down.

Same Great Warranty and 30 Days to Decide!
All SHIFTPOD products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!  If you purchase a SHIFTPOD product and are not totally satisfied repack it, call us for an return authorization number and send it back for a full refund (less shipping costs). See warranty page for details.

Lifetime Warranty Against Defects!
All SHIFTPOD purchases include and automatic lifetime “fix or replace”(Our Option) manufacturer’s defect warranty. See warranty page for details.

No Questions Asked VIP Unlimited Insurance (Add On)
We now offer a 36-month “No Questions Insurance” that covers any issue, any time and free shipping each way!  See warranty page for details.

Low Cost Repairs
If damage to your ASSI product falls outside of the warranty we will work with you to get your product repaired at the lowest cost possible. We also now offer do-it-yourself repair kits, replacement parts and sealing kits. We are building a video library of repairs and fun modifications that will show you step by step how to fix most issues you might run into.  Units in need of repair can be shipped our dropped off at our Napa, California warehouse location.

New Shipping and Pick Up Options!
Due to losses and theft we have now switched exclusively to UPS SIGNATURE REQUIRED for our shipping. If you cannot be there to sign, you can request that the shipment be held for pick up at your local UPS center.  We ship out of our new warehouse in Sonoma, California and we also offer local pick up for $25 by appointment.  

B2B & Relief

Is your team, company or group ready for a disaster?  When the next earthquake, tornado, hurricane or tsunami hits, where will your group go? Where will they sleep?  In massive disaster events there can be hundreds of displaced people.  Most of the time emergency response organizations are days or weeks away.  When they arrive, people are often massed into stadiums with no privacy and little security. You need to have a plan, and we can help.  We have bulk purchase options, sleeping systems and all the accessories your group needs to survive and thrive.  

SHIFTPODS have been there in times of need.  Our corporate goal is to donate one of every 20 SHIFTPODS sold to families in need.  We have gifted them to people in North Dakota, Florida, California, Greece, Japan, Haiti, Hawaii, Nepal, and Ecuador so far.  Now we have a line called SHELTERPOD that is specifically designed for use in disaster areas and as shelter for the displaced, which can be shipped, delivered and deployed very quickly.  Recently our team set up 300 units with 10 people that had never seen a SHIFTPOD in less than 10 hours!  Bulk sales or stand-by fleet rental programs are available and can include sleeping systems, emergency kits and personal well-being kits as well. 

Contact us today for help with your preparedness plans.

  • Standby Fleet Rental Systems Available
  • Disaster Relief Fleets Available for Rapid Deployment 
  • Sleeping, Personal Care, and Comm.s Systems can be Included
  • Team Training & Survival Seminars Available & Included on Large Orders

Affiliates Program

Have talent with online marketing? Have contacts in emergency response?  Own a festival and want to create an additional revenue stream?  Become an affiliate and once approved you can simple send your affiliate link out.  When potential buyers click your link they become your “client” for 1 year.  If they buy, you get paid. It all happens right through the web site and you don’t have to wait for anyone to write you a check!  This is not for the person that can sell one or two units as there are thresholds before commissions transfer, but for the right person or group this is a great way to use your mailing list or marketing skills to make money and help us share our great products!

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